Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Progress Report IV: The Final Chapter

Hey gang! The good news is I'm more or less caught up!

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Many thanks to any and all who stopped by to see me at Denver Comic Con. Know that I will use the money you spent on my comics for new shoes and drugs, not necessarily in that order.

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I just finished up a round of comix-making workshops at my local library. Great group of kids. Their parents are probably a little peeved at me for all the comic books these kids took home. I swear, one of these kids won something like 50 comic books. Very rewarding to give back to the community that gives so much to me.

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My piece for the Blocked anthology is all done and ready for the printer. Six full-color pages of awkward internet dating disaster! This project is nearly funded on Kickstarter, but not quite. There’s only about 24 hours left, too! If you haven’t already, help us get over the finish line, purty purty please!

I’ve begun work on the final leg of MILE HIGH. I’ll begin posting stories again the first week of August, and have planned no more breaks until the series finale. Having done the math, wrapping this series up will take approximately four months.

Once MILE HIGH is completed, I’ll plan on starting a new series called THE DRY. It’ll be a dystopian story. About fish. Gonna be fun and weird! Again, thanks for sticking around and extending me your fullest patience. Your understanding will be rewarded with lots and lots of comics.

Off to work again! Keep on keepin’ on!

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