Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Progress Report III

Hey Gang! Sorry for the delayed report. Please know that it's because I've been drawing my skinny Irish ass off. I'm pleased to announce I've finished up the new Karl Marx Guide (I may release a color version of this one at a later date, or maybe not), which'll be debuting at Denver Comic Con.
 photo kmgccd01.jpg
Starting June 10th I'll be posting daily pages of this on the social networks until I head down to Denver for DCC, but if you're here reading this now, let me reward your patience and understanding regarding my slack-ass posting these past few weeks (months?). Click here to read the whole damn thing right now. Thanks for reading! You're awesome!
 photo mister v blocked sticker image.jpg
My last obligation is to an anthology about apocalyptic online dating experiences called BLOCKED, to be published by Little Red Bird Media. I'm set to start inking my piece for them this week. The wee image above is to be part of a sticker set for their Kickstarter thing. I'm contractually forbidden from sharing this story online for two whole years, so you won't get to read this specific 6-pager right away unless you pony up some dough. I'm permitted to share "teaser" images though, so look for that soon.
In short, I'm right on schedule. I foresee myself starting work again on MILE HIGH in two weeks, and regular postings should resume without interruption until the series finale. Thanks for your patience! Keep on keepin' on! Back to work I go!

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