Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Progress Report

 photo 00 great winter carnival cover color.jpg  photo 00 great auto excursion cover color.jpg  photo sl00cover 1.jpg

In lieu of making a new MILE HIGH last week I made mini-comics. THE GREAT AUTO EXCURSION and THE GREAT WINTER CARNIVAL is a mini-comic flipbook(!) collecting previous printed LIFE IS GRAND comics involving Hot Sulphur Springs. I plan on donating up to half the print run to The Pioneer Village Museum in Hot Sulphur Springs, and will (hopefully) sell the rest at a couple Grand County festivals I'll hopefully be permitted to attend. Finished assembling this mini last week.

Am still working on the SPIRIT LAKE mini. Currently I'm writing an introduction for it about all the people who have drowned in Grand Lake.

Have also been working on the cover for the second collection of LIFE IS GRAND. It's a map of the county, but with all the weird landmarks (like Devil's Thumb) and ghost towns (like Lulu City) on it. Drawing maps is fun!

Farted around with the new KARL MARX GUIDE cover, but haven't started drawing it yet. I'm toying with the idea of posting a page a day when I do start it though.

I am also now doing a piece for an upcoming anthology on internet dating from Little Red Bird Media. Excited to reveal yet another nightmarish mistake from my scandalous past.

Hard at work! Go Team Comix!

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