Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Progress Report II

So am I hard at work or hardly workin', right? Hahahaha I love that one! Seriously though, I'm bustin' my butt over here.
 photo lig bk 2 cover color.jpg
Spent a lot of time formatting the next LIFE IS GRAND book this week. Drew the cover for it. I've never drawn a detailed map like this before. It took a thousand hours.
 photo sl00 intro.jpg
Wrote this for SPIRIT LAKE, which also took a thousand hours.
Excited to learn a comic strip of mine will be in the Denver Library's first Denver Comix paper, probably in print around DCC time.
Decided that yes, I will be doing daily posts for my new Karl Marx Guide. Will be doing that soon.
Workin' hard! Workin' smart! Back to work!

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