Wednesday, June 15, 2016

See You in Denver!!!

No updates 'cause I'm in Denver!
 Pee-yew it smells like hobo butt down here!
June 16-19 I'll be at
Denver Comic Con in Artists Alley AV177,
where I'll be debuting
Mile High: Adventures in Colorado Medical Marijuana Book Two!
 photo 00 cover book 2_1.jpg
On Saturday, June 25 I'll be at Denver Zine Fest!
At both events I'm having a zine blowout sale!
Half off all zines! Buy 2 get one free!
Complete sets of She-Ma'am Fella' Hatin' Sorority and Arborcides for $10 each! 
Get a copy of every zine in stock for only $20!
 I'm confident I'll never have a sale like this again, so come get 'em now before they're gone forever!
I'm gonna be in the city for a little while, so webcomic updates will not resume until Wednesday June 29nd, unless I die a horrible, pointless, smelly death in this rotten butthole of a city, at which point updates will resume NEVERMORE!
See you there, or see you then!

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