Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mighty Mao!!! 100

 photo mm072.jpg

This unceremonious strip is the 100th Mighty Mao!!! comic I’ve done. I created this character my freshman year in college, back when making comics was something to keep me awake during droning lectures. Through Mao I first tasted rejection; after calling for submissions, the student-editor of the campus newspaper accepted Mao for publication. Mere minutes after, the supervising professor personally called me, gruffly stating there was no way in hell they could publish the strip (for obvious reasons, of course).

But through Mao I also tasted my first sweet success. Some of those original 28 strips I made in college were printed in Illiterate Magazine out of Boulder, which was my first time professionally publishing anything.

This character is the first creation of my adult life, and the trailhead of my long, arduous, glorious cartooning career. The goal is to sporadically draw this strip for as long as I make comics. So hooray 100 strips, and here’s to hundreds more.

 photo mmwomvadcolorgif.gif

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