Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Card Time!

The holidays are upon us once again, like the girth of some smelly, fat man as he sits on our collective chests, trying to force his rancid phallus into our innocent mouths! And with this miserable season comes... YOUR ANNUAL X-MAS CARD FROM YER OLD PAL MISTER V! HOORAY! It almost makes enduring this sloppy orgy of unbridled gluttony almost worth it! Almost!

If you'd like to be included in my yearly spreading of holiday sentiment, please send me your address, either to misterv(atsign)q.com, or to one of my various social networking accounts. Even if you've given me your address in the past, you should send it to me again anyway. I've moved recently, and am still operating in a chaotic state of "I don't know where half my shit is."

Come next year, this perk may or may not be open to Arborcides Fan Club members only. So if you'd like free notes of holiday cheer, send me your address before the end of the week! Here's last year's card, which was actually a mini-comic throwback from my webcomic series DNR!

 photo DNRX-MAS2013coverfront.jpg  photo DNR225pg1-1.jpg  photo DNR225pg2-1.jpg  photo DNR225pg3-1.jpg

This year's card features Junkie Monkey and friends as they discover the true meaning of the season. It's also in full color! Who would've thought we'd see the day?!? If you've been a good girl or boy this year, I may even send you a mini-comic or two along with it!



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