Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mighty Mao!!! 065

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So Kilgore Quarterly #5 has been released!

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This book is 5 pounds of really good comics in a $3.00 bag, man. Sam Spina's comic is fucking hilarious. Noah Van Sciver's comics (2 in this issue!) are heart-warming and a little depressing. The Anders Nilsen interview is just fucking gorgeous. And y'know, I've got a comic in there too, one called Rumble Saints, which I dreamed up special for this very publication. This is also the very first time I've been mentioned on the cover of a book that I didn't make myself, which is a very cool milestone for me. So won't you please consider clicking here and buying a copy from Kilgore Books for only $3.00?

Click here to read Fist City: The Random/Sketchbook Comics of Mister V

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