Monday, December 2, 2013

Let Me Give You a Free Mini-Comic!

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Dear Arborciders,
It's time for me to start sending you shit in the mail again! This year I wanted to make you a DNR X-Mas card, to commemorate the series conclusion. The problem was I couldn't fit the idea in my head onto a tiny little card. So I said to myself "I ain't got time to figure this shit out so fuck it" and I made you a DNR X-Mas mini-comic instead.
SOOOOOO... what I need you to do is send your mailing address to misterv(atsign) In return I will send you a special 3-page mini-comic featuring the brand-new tale of the time yours truly got to transport Santa Claus! Seriously! Not a joke! Not a gimmick! Just a left over tale that didn't make it into the regular DNR series!
Even better: this is a limited-edition mini-comic. It'll be signed and numbered! That way, when I make it big one day, you can tell everyone "I was into Mister V long before he got so fucking popular!" And you can have a smug sense of superiority as you put that comic on E-Bay and make, like, three bucks off it, and then feel kinda shitty about supporting me and my shit in the first place!
For you fucking paranoid tea-party types out there: I'm not going to send you endless advertisements. I'm not going to sell your address. I'm not going to show up at your door and rape your face. I do this every year. This isn't a trap. I'm a lonely ol' cartoonist thanking you for being a fan of mine. Don't be a dick. Send me your address.
Merry fucking X-Mas!!!

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