Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DNR 224: Rules to Get Sick By

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Dear Arborciders:

Five and a half years ago, on what was an otherwise uneventful and boring day, I sat down without any forethought or concern regarding what I was doing and drew the very first DNR.  837 pages later and ... here we are at the end.  It's a strange place to be.  I feel like I've been working on this series all my life.  I can't believe it's done.

A few of the people I generally find myself surrounded by often say that "things happen for a reason."  I think these people are for the most part full of shit.  I am forced to admit though, being here with so many of my most painful and disgusting years laid out in front of me, all the awful, agonizing, wonderful things I've lived through, and as much as I've hated every second I've endured in health care, without those misadventures where would my cartooning career be?  It probably wouldn't even exist.  Apparently nothing worth having comes without a great deal of suffering.  But I'm rambling...

I wanted to take a moment to expunge a few words of gratitude.  Thank you first to Jeffrey Brown, for helping guide me through my wobbly first steps as a cartoonist, for always being available to answer all my idiot rookie questions, for giving of himself and his time for no other reason than I asked it of him, and for writing the introduction for the very first volume of DNR.

Thank you to my selfless editor BRANDO!, for painstakingly correcting all my awful fucking spelling errors, for making his ear ever available for bending, and for keeping me company throughout it all.

Thank you to The Comics Journal and Rob Clough for their kind and thoughtful reviews on the series.  Thanks to the folks at Shitty Webcomics for thinking enough of the series to endorse it.

And finally, thank YOU.  Thanks to those of you who have joined this series along the way.  Thanks to those who have been reading since the beginning, oh you brave and wonderful few.  Thanks to those who thought highly enough of this series to share it with their friends, or on the internets.  Thank you, my readers, more than anything or anyone else.  Without your presence I'm just some jerk doodling into oblivion.

As for what comes next, I hope you believe me when I say I'm just getting warmed up.  The future here holds the promise of many comics to come.  Before too long I'll produce one last DNR book, tentatively titled Addendum, which will collect odds and ends anecdotes that didn't make it into the regular series.  This book will be produced as a stand alone graphic novel.  I don't have plans of starting work on it any time soon though.  In the immediate future, I'm very excited for next Wednesday when my new series Poser begins.  This series will be a pretty big departure from the DNR style of storytelling.  Visually I'm employing a lot of new techniques and tools, so the art is quite different (and possibly a lot better).  But don't take my word for it.  Come back next week and see for yourself.

Thank you again, one and all, and I'll see you here next week.

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