Saturday, May 11, 2013

Reginald Reed: Renegade Pope 016

 photo rrrp016.jpg

This week's comic brought to you by Nelly Furtado

Hey kids!  My homies at 8th Wonder Press have released their first publication: Draw Your Own Comic. I wonder who drew that sweet lookin' comic strip on the cover (wink!).

Visit their website and check it out!

 photo DYOCCover.jpg

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I'd need St Jude's help to fuck Nelly Furtado nowadays! Am I Right?! Fellas?! [Okay- seriously, I'd do anything to fuck Nelly Furtado nowadays. Literally anything. Kid (kids?), advancing age, cultural irrelevance, I so don't give a fuck. Do you know her?]

MisterV said...

Nelly Furtado told me you'd need St. Jude's help to go fuck yourself?