Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dr. Quick 016

Dear Loyal Arborciders, 

A couple quick things of note: 

First, as some of you may know, Google and I have a long history of not getting along. This is because Google tends to be a fucking asshole. Thus, my attempts to create an Ecrater store have been terminated for all eternity. The Buy Mister V a Drink Foundation will continue in its current incarnation for the foreseeable future, and that includes prices.  In the comings weeks I hope to have a few more packages available, for those of you who want to buy an entire run of a series but don't want to make six or seven separate purchases.  If anything more dramatic than that happens, it'll be me getting my comics off Blogger and onto a real website.  Again: you're a fucking colossal asshole, Google.

Second: I don't know if anyone was enjoying the old, embarrassing comics from my youth.  Whether you were or you weren't, they will be returning eventually.  Right now I'm completely balls-to-the-wall focused on finishing my new book before the end of the year, and for good reason (it's gonna be fucking awesome).  So, sorry if anyone was actually reading those and looking forward to more.  I will return to vanity projects before too terribly long.

In the interim, here's a thank you card I made for my in-laws, who hosted myself and my beautiful bride in Glenwood Springs for a weekend, on their tab.  We stayed at the historic Hotel Colorado, which is the birthplace of the Teddy Bear, and a favorite hunting spot of Theodore Roosevelt (as featured below). This hotel is notorious for being a "hotbed of paranormal activity."  My poor in-laws had a problem with their window.  It kept opening by itself, when the room was empty.

Back to work then!


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