Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Miracle of Life 010

Photobucket I have recently discovered a review for The She-Ma'am Fella Hatin' Sorority #2.  I thank Optical Sloth for continually exposing their readers to my shenanigans. CHECK IT  

Also, I did an eleven page, full color story for the Cellar Door Anthology Ancient called Black Wizard's Revenge.   
The only way to read this one is to buy a copy of the anthology, which you can conveniently do now at their website here.  It's listed on the right side of the page.

Finally, here's a thank you card I made for my inlaws, who gave me a $50 gift card to Amazon:



Anonymous said...

Big dicks are indeed preferred. - Everyone emotionally and physically affected by dicks and, rather pertinently, those online funny-book-author/artists for whom farting--a painful existential fact and ignominious bodily function fit for shame-fueled public suppression to be sure--remains a cherished pastime, a cultivated art, and, for world history, a sad product of certain sentimental ideas held by the Irish.

MisterV said...

Jesus, man. You sound just like your mom.