Saturday, August 25, 2012

Boggels 010: Monster Chasers Pt 4-12

Boggels is an ongoing comic strip with all sorts of continuity. If you need to catch up on the story visit The Boggels Archives

Dear Loyal Arborciders:


The Buy Mister V A Drink Foundation as you know it will soon be a thing of the past.  I'm slowly building an eCrater store to replace it.  This will mean an easier shopping experience for you, as you'll be able to load up a shopping cart rather than just paying me for shit one item at a time (which I'm sure was a total pain in the ass).  It also means prices will be rising.  So consider this fair warning: if'n you want shit for cheap get it now.  While on the subject, I'm noticing a greatly diminished supply of mini comics.  The first prints of The She-Ma'am Fella' Hatin' Sorority issue #1 and #2 are lingering, as are the earlier Arborcides minis.  I will eventually do second printings of TSMFHS (complete with slightly different covers).  The Arborcides minis will not be reprinted in this format, EVER.  So if'n you're some sort of obsessive collector, now's also the time to get yer mitts on that shit afore they're gone FOREVER.

Secondly, a small announcement:

As you may or may not have noticed, the DNR Trilogy is gradually approaching its conclusion.  In DNR's absence will be a recollection of my life in 8th grade (i.e. the worst year of my existence).  The preparation for this brief series has forced do something unimaginable: I've had to find and study my 8th grade year book.  What a fucking nightmare. 

While attempting to locate this yearbook, digging around in unmarked boxes clogged with old homework assignments, doodles, and crinkled lingerie catalogs that were so important to my newly pubescent self, I discovered a treasure trove of old comics I'd drawn, ranging from high school to 5th/6th grade.  I'd forgotten most of them even existed.  They're all quite awful and embarrassing.

In conjunction with your regular Saturday Morning Arborcides strip, I'll be sharing most of these with you in the coming weeks, most likely starting  Saturday, September 12th (I need a little time to scan this shit in).  As humiliating as doing so will be, the nostalgic part of me longs to preserve these early scrawlings for prosperity.  So read them or don't.  Just figured I'd give you a heads up before I start ramming this shit down your throat.

That's all for now.
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Anonymous said...

Question 1: Is is worse to be a champion of ignorance or to be defeated by a mere two of your opponents in ignorance?
Question 2: You smell like a rabbit hutch.
-Alison Bechdel

MisterV said...

Answer 1: Ah, the ignorance handicap match. Truly, to lose such a battle to a superior number makes one not a loser, but an even greater champion of ignorance.
Answer 2: My dear, what you are smelling is merely your own unwashed vagina.