Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mighty Mao!!! 046

Santa Vaca! Look! It's new comics for your faces!


Enter: Satanica, the newest member of the Sorority.  Read the first of her three part origin story in abject terror! Who is she?! What is she?! Where is she?! And so on! Shameless nudity has never been so terrifying! Also in this issue, Feminazi battles the repeal of the 19th amendment in Beware the Chauvinator, Roswella rendezvous with on heck of a space dud in Biff Bigelow: The Galaxy's Sexiest Space Stud, and Sequential Sally takes on a harsh critic in the no-hold's barred Queen of Comix! This issue also includes the materials to make your very own Sequential Sally paper doll! All that for the price of two fucking dollars! Are you fucking nuts?! How could you NOT get in on that?! Give me your money!

She-Ma'am Fella Hatin' Sorority #5

Behold: the collected America's Next Top Arborcide issue! Remember when I did that? Remember? I can barely remember too. I'm lucky I remember where I park my car at the end of the day. But look at this shit! This issue features all the super-amazing awesome comics from that brutal five or so week event, plus many of your hilarious votes on the subject (as well as quite a few votes from established cartoonists who probably wish I hadn't included their emails and comments in here but whatever they said it and I printed it their words belong to ME now muahhahaha)! And as if that weren't enough, you'll also find a whopping 9 comic strips that never made it online! I know the cover says 8 but it's really 9! I'm a goddamn cartoonist, not Stephen Hawking! Math is hard! Buy it already and get off my case!

Arborcides #8
Still only

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