Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Miracle of Life 07


Holy fuck look at the awesome t-shirt!


It's the She-Ma'am Fella Hatin' Sorority, as imagined by the super-talented Leila Del Duca! So awesome it had to be plastered on a shirt! Available in white, gray, orange, green, blue, and pink for the ladies! Supplies are extremely limited, and once they're gone, they're gone for good! Order yours today! Be sure to mention your size, color, and mens/womens cuts in the notes!

And be sure to let Leila know how freakin' awesome and talented she is at

She-Ma'am Fella Hatin' Sorority T-Shirt
by Leila Del Duca


It's finally here! The second volume of the DNR Trilogy! Featuring all the drama, conflict, and bodily fluids you've come to love and tolerate from your favorite health care employee. If you're reading this, you've probably read the entire book for free online already. Don't let that stop you from bringing home a physical copy of it! Please! They're gonna turn off the power in my house! Boo hoo hoo!

DNR Book Two: Best in the Nation
300 pages, B&W



After a few months hiatus which no one but me noticed, the Sorority is back and badder than ever! The ladies pull out all the stops as Feminazi takes on anti-abortion zealots in Pro-Strife, Roswella finds love in all the wrong places in Beauty and the Beast, Jungle Jane teaches an age-old lesson to a good samaritan in The Nature of the Demoness, and Sequential Sally reaches for the upper echelon of cartooning in Awards. This issue also features a free pullout pinup from the super-awesome and envy-inducing talented Leila Del Duca (!

She-Ma'am Fella Hatin' Sorority #4
26 pages + 1 pinup, B&W



Collecting the storyline arcs of A. Louie Ray, Zombie Supermodel, Captain Conservative, and Junkie Monkey, this is some sort of the same ol' shit that no true Arborcider can live without. Holy crap it's still only a dollar too! No one knows the value of a dollar like your ol' pal Mister V. You can't beat that shit with a stick.

Arborcides #7
16 pages, B&W


What the fuck is this, you ask? I'll tell you what the fuck it is if you'll just settle down and let me talk, for fuck's sake. This ridiculously thick tome of a mini-comic collects a vast and astounding body of unseen and unpublished comics by yours truly. Learn the importance of having your advanced directives in order. Meet Dandy the Happy Flower, the lost Arborcide. Revel in the never-before-seen strips of the recently retired A. Louie Ray, Zombie Supermodel, and Captain Conservative. This book has more strips in it than a strip club or something!
Arborcides Archives #1
35 pages + pullout pinup, B&W



Anonymous said...

So here I am in the middle west
The heartland mafucka
Sippin whole milk mafucka

Can you order one uh dem pink shirts if you're a dude? I'm a dude but I'm also a pretty muthafucka and need a shirt to go with my pink chinchilla. (1:37)

MisterV said...

I did not in fact order any pink shirts for dudes. However, if it's essential to have pink, I can always toss a white shirt in the wash with some red clothing. Bam! Problem solved.