Saturday, March 17, 2012

America's Next Top Arborcide: Round FOUR


No absentee votes to consider this week. Here's how the strips stand:

The Miracle of Life: 14
Boggels: 13
Reginald Reed: Renegade Pope: 11

If you woulda asked three weeks ago, I would have predicted ol' Reggie would be the first strip voted off. I created this character much like one creates a bowel movement. Imagine my surprise when said movement grew some legs and walked right out the fuckin' bowl! Rest easy; this might be goodbye, but not forever.

Until then, enjoy a parting strip...


Only one vote separates the winner from the loser!

Let the final round begin!


This is it kids! The fate of the Saturday Morning Arborcides lineup rests with you!
Cast your vote! Cast it well!

See you next Saturday when we decide the champion!


Anonymous said...

I hope Miracle of Life wins.

Anonymous said...

Go Miracle of Life!

- Katie

Anonymous said...

Come on, dude. You have got to do Boggels. No if ands or buts. GOT TO.


Anonymous said...

Sticking with Boggels, hope it wins :)

- John

Anonymous said...

"An Irish queer is a fellow who prefers women to drink."

Hume let us know Miracles are bullshit, but The Miracle of Life is at worst a small pile of hogshit. So my vested vote goes to Miracle.

(I might've voted for Boggels if it weren't for the very real fact that every time I read it I have the fear-shits; you know, I'm so scared my bowels expel several liters of watery, fetid dung riddled with hair and bone shards or whatever.)

Anonymous said...

How did my 2 least favorite strips make it to the finals? Sigh. I will pick Miracle of Life just because I know it will be easier for you to draw.


Anonymous said...

How did my 2 most favorite strips make it to the finals? Squeal! I will pick Boggels just because I know it will be harder for you to draw.