Saturday, March 24, 2012

America's Next Top Arborcide: Conclusion


It's all come down to this!
Your Next Top Arborcide is ...

The Miracle of Life: 18 votes

Boggels: 16 votes

Thank you everyone for making this event a success. I had a lot of fun drawing all these comics, but it wouldn't have been nearly as awesome without you all showing up and leaving your feedback.

I've been waiting to see everyone's reactions before finalizing this decision. Based on what I've seen, I think Saturday Morning Arborcides could use not one new comic strip, but three.

Along with The Miracle of Life, Boggels (the runner-up) and Reginald Reed: Renegade Pope (the 2nd runner-up) will be joining the regular lineup. They'll be filling the places left by the retirement of Zombie Supermodel and Captain Conservative.

Again, infinite thank yous for your comments and encouragement. In gratitude, please enjoy two new Boggels, and two new M.O.L. comics. See you next week for the return of Junkie Monkey.




Anonymous said...

This shit reminds me of Iraq circa 2002: "On October 16, 2002, after a well-publicized show election, Iraqi officials declared that Saddam had been re-elected to another seven-year term as President by a 100% unanimous vote of all 11,445,638 eligible Iraqis, eclipsing the 99.96% received in 1995[via wikipedia]."
Mister V is a tyrant and the world demands a recount. The Purple People Greeter Revolution will not be suppressed!

MisterV said...

Ha! Being a tyrant, I suppose that gives me the authority to have a bullet put in the back of yer fuckin' head, don't it?

My secret police will be around for you shortly.

Whit Taylor said...

Brilliant! Loving the new strips!

MisterV said...

Thanks Whit!