Saturday, February 25, 2012

America's Next Top Arborcide: Round ONE


This week each comic will be coupled with a brief teaser of what it's capable of,
in order to assist in the voting for/against.

Hoping to eat - COUGH AHEM - I mean GREET you on your Saturday mornings, is your friendly local Wal-Marto associate, the Purple People Greeter. Retail's never been so delicious!


There are quite a few religious types out there that claim reproductive cells are sacred, as they are the components of creating human life. Ridiculous, right? But what if they're correct? What if the miracle of life is already thriving in your respective nether regions?


There's something stirring in the woods; something small, something quiet ... something evil. It's not your regular humor strip, and it won't be for the weak at heart. Gaze now into the ongoing horror strip that is ... Boggels.


Those zany Catholics will do anything to win over your eternal soul. With youth participation dwindling steadily, generation after generation, what better way to attract new followers than to play it cool. Enter Reginald Reed: Renegade Pope!


Racism. Hate crimes. Genocide.
No, I'm not talking about the state of the world. I'm referring to the carbonated carnage that is Soda Wars!



Tell me what you like. Tell me what you hate. Help me decide which strip deserves regular production. Every vote counts! Leave me an interesting comment and it might even be published in the forthcoming mini comic collection of this event.

Vote now! Vote often!

See you next Saturday for Round Two!



Unknown said...

I liked the Boggels one the best, and the Purple People Greeter second. The Miracle of life has potential too. I hope that helps :)

Unknown said...

The comment above (or below) is Alex by the way....I don't know why my name doesn't show up.

Anonymous said...

Talking sperm. Hilarious. Do that one.

- Katie

The Holy Yost said...

The Miracle of Life gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

These all suck don't quit your day job.

Anonymous said...

I personally find the Boggels strip to be the most interesting and what it could possibly turn in to story wise, but The Miracle of Life was pretty funny too. Didn't care much for the walmart monster. hip priest, or soda wars.

- John

Anonymous said...

I know Soda Wars will give you the most opportunities to use racial slurs, so I vote for that one!

Aunt Ellen

JerseyGirl said...

Anonymous #2, you are quite the jerk. Why don't you take a long walk off a short peer.

Anonymous said...

Oh worry not JerseyGirl, this song will help to explain Anon #2:

Shannon Wheeler said...

I vote for renegade pope. you have the most potential for variety in future situations with that one.

Leila del Duca said...

Dang! Do we really have to choose? I mean, can't you just do a new random comic every week because your ideas are always good? Augh. Well, I vote for Boggels, because that punchline was the best!

Anonymous said...

I like the Purple People Greeter, but maybe just because I'm old and remember the song so well

Anonymous said...

What these guys said, Purple People Greeter and Miracle of Life.
Love it!

Scott S. said...

I'd have to say the Monster Greeter would be the one that offers the best story opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Purple people greeter is too cutsie. Do anyone but that one.

Anonymous said...

My favorites are the Boggels & the Purple People Eater. Following would be The Pope and The Talking Sperm. Lastly would be the soda Wars.

Which ever you go with I know will be awesome. All your work kicks ass!!!

Mad Love

Anonymous said...

Regegade Pope. Take that, Catholicism.

- Greg

Roddy said...

Like Reginald Reed the best. Miracle of Life least.

Anonymous said...

Last minute vote for Boggels and Miracle of Life. Long live your most fucked up comics.


yvettem51 said...

Miracle of Life gets #1 for me, then Boggles. I loved the Catholic one, but I am afraid to vote for it because I am not sure how far you'll take it! :) xoxoxo