Monday, December 5, 2011

Holy Crap! New Books from Mister V!!!

Hey kids! Just in time for Christmas, it's a variable buttload of new books from yours truly!


Holy smokes! It's that kid's book I've been lamenting about all these months! It's finally here!

When young Luna becomes fed up with being singled out for her slightly irregular, rocky noggin, she runs away from home in search of a place where she'll fit in. An all-ages tale of tolerance and self-discovery.

Between you and I, I couldn't be more pleased with how this book turned out. Your child (or you) won't be disappointed!

35 pages Full Color


For years I've been threatening to make a mini-comic cookbook. I've finally followed through with all that postering! Seven (count 'em) recipes from the V family that'll kick your taste buds right in the nuts, including Miggity Mac 'n' Cheese, Three Prayers to the Buddha Burritos, and Spicy Chicken Chunks, plus so much more! Your stomach will hate you forever if you don't get this! It will!

Cooking with Mister V
20 or so pages, B&W


The most awesomest issue of SMFHS to date! Featuring Feminazi in Merv the Perv, Roswella in Space Aids, Jungle Jane in Lest Ye Be Killed, and Sequential Sally in Everyone's a Critic. This issue also features pinups by the astoundingly talented Jaimie Hashey (the creator of the infamous Buttrag Mag which you should check out RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!), and the lovely Missus V herself (which some of you may have already seen courtesy of The Denver Post).

So fucking get it now!

She-Ma'am Fella Hatin' Sorority #3
30 pages B&W


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