Monday, September 12, 2011

Star Spangled Snack Time


Did you ever imagine Abraham Lincoln enjoying an ice-cream cone? Teddy Roosevelt stealing Howard Taft's freshly baked pie? Ronald Reagan accepting monkey bread from an actual monkey?! Well now you don't have to imagine!

Star Spangled Snack Time is a new activity book from your ol' pal Mister V. Intended for the young (and the young at heart), this collection of presidential portraits just begs to be colored! Brighten every Commander-In-Chief to ever grace the Oval Office as they enjoy everyone's favorite end to a meal tradition: DESSERT!

But it's more than just a coloring book! Test your presidential knowledge in James Garfield's crazy crossword puzzle. Scour for words in Dwight Eisenhower's word search! Transverse the maze to find the mint hidden in Rutherford Hayes' beard! Learn Herbert Hoover's recipe for caramelized tomatoes?! And so very much more!

Gasp at some of the images contained therein:


Being patriotic has never been so delicious! Order your copy today!

Unprofessionally bound
40 pages


assbackward said...

looky like fun yumm

MisterV said...

Delicious AND educational (kinda).