Saturday, November 14, 2009

Zombie Supermodel 028


I spent all night dreaming about the most underestimated wrestler in the WWE, Jimmy Wang Yang. Not in a gay way or anything. Nothing really exciting happened, but I woke up realizing that on the rare occasions the WWE does hire talent of the asian persuasion they're given ethnic gimmicks. Mr. Fuji, Kai en Tai (especially poor "Kung" Funaki), Tajiri, Yoshi Tatsu, and of course my man James Yun (to name a few). All these fellas have been given gimmicks where they're either dastardly, mischievous Asians, or smiling buffoon Asians (a lot of the people listed have done both sides of the racist coin there). Both these gimmicks are goddamn ethnic stereotypes older than sliced fucking bread. I know I've touched on this subject before (ie. Honest Abe 08), but I guess it hadn't occurred to me how widespread it was. Apparently we can't just enjoy some wrestling unless all the Asian guys are running around saying "We so solly!" That's like giving all the black wrestlers Kamala gimmicks. I'm the last guy to toot the horn of political correctness (obviously), but come the fuck on! Don't hold a fella down 'cause of his race.

I know, like, 1/10 or my readership knows/cares what I'm talking about. Just know that my favorite wrestler happens to be Asian, he's talented as all holy hell, he keeps getting squashed by white guys, and it motherfucking pisses me the fucking fuck off. Damn racist WWE.

Fuck this noise I'm going back to bed.

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