Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vacation Time

Hey yos, I'm outta here for a week. Things'll be back to normal next Saturday, October 10th, with the start of a 4-part A. Louie Ray saga.

In my abcence, I demand you click here and read HELEN DOESN'T LIFE HERE.


Shannon Wheeler, the author of Postage Stamp Funnies and Too Much Coffee Man read it and said "Great stuff. I love the moral ambiguity and the unfolding of the story. Real Pathos."

After you read it, I demand you buy a copy at Atlantis Comics in Lakewood, Kilgore Used Books on Capitol Hill in Denver, or from yours truly at The Buy Mister V A Drink Foundation.

Hop to it then.

See ya'll in a week.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You haven't tweeted in damn near SEVEN days Mr V-for-Va-Jay-Jay, which is your new name until you EARN the right to KILL.

Jean K Jean

post script:
...killing *is* scaring.