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You've Been Warned Vol II Issue XXXVI

Comic reviews by a fan, for the fans!

**As always, mind the spoilers, fanboy.**


BE WARNED: This week was really light for me. I don't have a lot to write about. I know everyone will manage to carry on, somehow. Don't blame me; blame the industry.

Giant-Size Wolverine: Old Man Logan
by Mark Millar & Steven McNiven
Marvel Comics


This is the best Wolverine story I've ever read. That's really not saying a lot, I know. I've always been adamant (no pun intended) in my assertion that Wolverine's the most overrated character in comics. 'Cause c'mon, he's a short guy with claws. Who gives a crap?

Old Man Logan , from start to finish, blew me the fuck away. The pay-off in this issue is so fucking worth all the time and patience this storyline required. So worth it; ingenious use of characters and their attributes, wonderful actualization of the protagonist's boiling rage, and an extremely fulfilling conclusion. This issue, and this series was, in a word, superb.

Of course, much like a delicious sandwich sprinkled with mice droppings, Marvel had to stick a few "extras" in the concluding issue to justify the steep price (those "extras" being reprints of all the covers and some uninked pages), but one can't yank on a bull's dick and not expect to get some cow cum in the eye. Can't read a Marvel book these days without a money shot or two.

I never thought I'd say this, but Old Man Logan is for all intents and purposes the best superhero story I've read all year. Wonders never fucking cease.

Wednesday Comics #12
by, y'know, everyone
DC Comics


Hats off to DC for this ballsy, ingenious mini. It had its ups and downs, sure. A couple of the stories were kinda sorta bland, there were some printing problems, the sales weren't all that great, but I dare you, DARE YOU to find a series on the shelves that made reading comics fun like this one did. You just can't fucking do it.

Don't forget, it also featured some of the more controversial scenes of the year, like this sloppy use of words:


or this can anus (which I still can't believe):


For good or for bad, this was a worthwhile actualization of a very clever idea, and worth every penny. For you people hopelessly in love with the medium, if your local retailor's sitting on a run of this title, I recommend checking it out before, y'know, the newsprint starts to rot and discolor. It's worth every red, fleeting cent.

Dungeon: The Early Years Vol 2: Innocence Lost
by Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim, & Christophe Blain


This series' only failing? It only comes out, like, three, maybe four times a year. It's French, y'know. Americans don't like French things. Americans fucking suck like that sometimes.

I've praised this book again and again, to the point where I could potentially be accused of taking kickbacks from the publisher. It's just that awesome. I know not many folks believe and/or trust my opinion on the matter. I also know none of ya'll are reading it. Yeah, I fucking know it. I know all sorts of shit about you people. For certain I know that most everyone doesn't realize Dungeon is so awesome beyond fucking words. Ya'll don't know what you're missing. Ya'll just don't fucking know.

Madman #17
by Michael Allred
Image Comics


This latest Madman series marked a departure from its predecessors that were, y'know, good. It's no secret to anyone reading the series that it was a freakin' disaster, tainting a rich heritage of greatness, and soiling some of comics most beloved characters beyond all hope of recovery. In that vein, this final issue was no exception. Frank and a few interchangeable members of the Atomics form a rock band with a few depictions of members of the rock band The Gear, and play a concert on the moon. Complete with guest appearances from members of The Dandy Warhols and Red Rocket, this juvenile yarn reads like sentimental fan fiction rather than the work of a serious creator. Frankly, its embarrassing.

Allred has completely gutted what was once a gem of indie comics, and this issue was the final splash of gasoline on the funeral pyre. Nothing short of a total overhaul will make this series remotely enjoyable, or dare I say readable, again.

You've been warned.


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