Saturday, May 9, 2009

Captain Conservative 30


I've been thinking lately about David B.'s Nocturnal Conspiracies, as I've been having so many dreams lately that I've been toying with the idea of chronicling them in comic form. David B.'s book sucked. One of its most glaring flaws was how uninteresting the dreams were. I don't have that problem. Like two days ago I dreamt I was at a Warren Ellis concert (yes, the comic book writing Warren Ellis), crowd surfing in an inner-tube. At some point, his drummer quit and left, and Ellis exclaimed that if there was a competent drummer in the crowd they could sit in for the rest of his set. I managed to get to the stage, and spent the rest of my dream playing the drums. Last night I had another weird dream too. I don't remember what it was. All I remember is waking up and discovering that I'd been sleep fucking my girlfriend. I didn't know such a thing existed, but it's totally better than anything in David B.'s boring dream journal.

Also ... the WWE needs to stop burying Jimmy Wang Yang, because he's awesome. Anyone who says otherwise is retarded and racist. Give that man a belt, already.


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