Saturday, January 24, 2009

Honest Abe 04


Like everything else in society, Arborcides production is going to be seeing a decrease in production starting effective immediately. Fortunately this decrease isn't due to the harsh economic climate we all seem to be finding ourselves getting anal raped from. I'm getting ready to begin work on my next OGN project. Thus a lot of the time I spent creating new, fucked-up Arborcides strips will be going towards that now.

Even I'll admit that two of these things a week is a bit much sometimes.

So don't be shocked when it takes me a week to crap one of these things out, and know that I'm still toiling away, just at other bullshit.

It's okay. Really.


Anonymous said...

What is an OGN?

MisterV said...

Duh! Ostentatiously Gangsta, Nigga!