Thursday, December 4, 2008

A. Louie Ray 022


As Mr. A. Louie Ray's biographer, I feel it's important to state that on more than one occasion he requested that I immortalize the events depicted in the comic featured above. I was hesitant to attempt it though. So many things were going on at once, from so many different angles, that I was unsure how cram everything into a mere four panels. The above strip is the result of literal months of contemplation. I can only pray that I've done justice to the events.

In completely unrelated news, "Bratz" toys are being recalled from stores across the country, as they apparently infringe on some sort of copyright. Now who's going to teach our nation's little girls how to be complete whores? I mention it only because a Zombie Supermodel strip will probably result from these happenings.

Check out the hilarity:
Down With Plastic Whores


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