Thursday, December 18, 2008

Captain Conservative 26


Yep. Two Cap'n C's in a row. Sorry. I wanted to get this one out before Obama got in office, lest it didn't make any sense. That's the problem with fucking topical humor ...

While we're on the subject of politics ... many of us got to see Ken Salazar become the Secretary of Interior this week. Did you see that fucking news conference? I just want to ask: What's with the fucking hat indoors? What the fuck? So the man's got a job in the White House now. Does that suddenly mean he can discard his fucking manners? Hey Ken: thanks for embarrassing everyone in Colorado with your dumb-fuck cowboy hat. Next time pretend like you understand you're in a formal setting and take the fucking thing off, asshole.

I'm still just fucking baffled. The man's standing next to the soon-to-be President and he can't take his stupid hat off. We're all fucked. I knew I should have voted for Pete Coors.


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