Saturday, November 1, 2008

TBMVADF- Packages

The Buy Mister V A Drink Foundation is no more!!!

Mini-Comic Super-Pac
Includes all gloriously awesome Arborcides minis, both Karl Marx's Guides, and any other goofball comic shit Mister V has laying around (including, while supplies last, a copy of Mister V's infamous Sundae mini-comic from the 2006 SDDC). Will also include a free, custom Artist Trading Card! Hurry now or you'll regret it for the rest of your brief and miserable life!


Mister V Super-Pac
No person can claim to be a true Mister V fan without having purchased this! You get it all!!! All the comics! All the albums! You get it all! Mister V also includeds rare and unique crap laying around his house, like travel journals and doodles on bar napkins and whatnot! Plus, Mister V draws a personalized picture of the one and only Mighty Mao!!! shooting you in the face! You can't live without it!


Thank you for donating to the Buy Mister V a Drink Foundation!


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