Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mighty Mao!!! 017


Origins: Mighty Mao!!!
Mighty Mao!!! is my first and thus oldest comic strip. Created during a crappy Asian History class in college, the strip was originally design for publication in the Metropolitan State College of Denver newspaper. In the span of fifteen minutes it was accepted quite enthusiastically by an assistant editor, and then almost immediately (and quite forcefully) rejected by the editor-in-chief. Since then the strip has bounced from place to place, finding brief and unloving homes in such publications as Front Range Rocks: Original & Unsigned Review and Illiterate Magazine, before I finally resigned it to never being published properly and lumped it in with the rest of the Arborcides. Of all the strips I do, this one is my favorite, as I think it's the only strip that could one day result in my death (the Chinese don't have an understanding sense of humor about this sort of shit).

As for this week's strip, I was originally doing a different one about farting, but when I read about China throwing a blood clot over the new Guns N' Roses album, I immediately went to work memorializing the occasion. The fart jokes will have to wait until next cycle.


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