Thursday, November 20, 2008

Honest Abe 01


As I've moved all my comics to a new location, I felt justified in introducing a new strip to the line-up, both in celebration of my exodus to a solo blog site and to further pile on the workload. Originally I was saving this strip as an offering to a few of my homies, who were toying with the idea of creating their own website and collaborating with me. But the flaky fucks couldn't get it together, and I was left with a great idea and nowhere to put it besides either here or up my pasty Irish ass.

Honest Abe in a nutshell combines two elements: my love of hijacking historical figures for my own sick amusement, and my unending joy of telling the truth in the most brutal fashion imaginable. Personally, I feel this strip fits quite nicely 'round these parts.


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