Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DNR Book Three Part IV

 photo DNR212pg1.jpg  photo DNR212pg2.jpg  photo DNR212pg3.jpg  photo DNR212pg4.jpg

 photo DNR213pg1.jpg  photo DNR213pg2.jpg  photo DNR213pg3.jpg

 photo DNR214pg1.jpg  photo DNR214pg2.jpg  photo DNR214pg3.jpg  photo DNR214pg4.jpg

 photo DNR215pg1.jpg  photo DNR215pg2.jpg  photo DNR215pg3.jpg

 photo DNR216pg1.jpg  photo DNR216pg2.jpg  photo DNR216pg3.jpg

 photo DNR217pg1.jpg  photo DNR217pg2.jpg  photo DNR217pg3.jpg

 photo DNR218pg1.jpg  photo DNR218pg2.jpg  photo DNR218pg3-1.jpg  photo DNR218pg4.jpg  photo DNR218pg5.jpg

 photo DNR219pg1.jpg  photo DNR219pg2.jpg  photo DNR219pg3.jpg  photo DNR219pg4.jpg

 photo DNR220pg1.jpg  photo DNR220pg2.jpg  photo DNR220pg3.jpg  photo DNR220pg4.jpg

 photo DNR221pg1.jpg  photo DNR221pg2.jpg  photo DNR221pg3.jpg

 photo DNR222pg1.jpg  photo DNR222pg2.jpg  photo DNR222pg3.jpg  photo DNR224pg4.jpg

 photo DNR225pg1.jpg  photo DNR225pg2.jpg  photo DNR225pg3.jpg  photo DNR225pg4.jpg  photo DNR225pg5.jpg  photo DNR225pg6.jpg  photo DNR225pg7.jpg  photo DNR225pg8.jpg  photo DNR225pg9.jpg

 photo DNR226pg1.jpg  photo DNR226pg2.jpg  photo DNR226pg3.jpg  photo DNR226pg4.jpg

Hey there! It's your old pal Mister V here! Congrats at reading the entirety of DNR! As I'm habitually hunched over my computer for endless hours on a regular basis, I especially understand how reading 800+ pages in this digital format can be murder on the ol' peepers! So, for this impressive accomplishment, you have my gratitude. Thank you for reading. Thank you for taking the time. I truly, sincerely hope you enjoyed yourself.

If you haven't had your fill, I invite you to take a peek at my new webcomic series, Poser: A Middle School Memoir. This series takes an unconventional look at bullying, using the typical bleeding-heart perspective and adding more swearing and violence, and a much better soundtrack. Click here to check it out.

But again, thank you so very much for reading. Putting pen to paper means nothing if I'm the only one reading it.

Maddest of love!


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