Saturday, November 22, 2008

Captain Conservative 24


Origins: Captain Conservative

For years Captain Conservative was nothing but a doodle in the margin of my American History notebook. I didn't know enough about politics to use the character effectively (more often than not I still don't, and have to extensively research topics in order to do an accurate strip). This strip, and this character in particular, are the most flexible tools I have in my arsenal. The character himself is a bumbling tight-ass, which easily allows me to poke fun at conservative America. On the other hand, the character's voice occasionally lets me swing conversely and mock liberal America (as we've seen this week). Captain Conservative allows me to fuck with everyone, which at the end of the day makes me immensely happy.

Remember that Captain Conservative's politics are not my own. This week is a fine example of that sentiment. I'm a propponet of gay marriage in all its forms, and was as shocked as the next liberal fellow when Prop. 8 passed in California. I was even more shocked to discover the factors that went into its passage. Shocked, I says. I did a little research to make sure the statistical rumblings weren't all just spin:



la times

So, y'know, society's loss is Captain Conservative's gain.


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