Wednesday, January 10, 2018

This is THE END...

When I began this blog site in 2008, my intention was to maintain it throughout my cartooning career. For nearly a decade I have done just that with religious commitment, posting new content on more or less a weekly basis. Following my belief that art is an inalienable human right, it has been my great pleasure to provide free and easy access to the entirety of my works. Over the years this blog has become so many different things for me. It's been a testament to my love and devotion to the sequential arts. It's been a record of my development as an artist. On many occasions it has been a complete pain in my asshole. But no matter how it suited me at any particular moment, it was something I greatly enjoyed constructing and maintaining. I never thought I'd see that day it would stop.

Unfortunately that day has come. As of this week I will no longer be posting new material on this site. I arrive at this decision with great difficulty. Photobucket, the company I've used for my 3rd party hosting for OVER a decade, has dramatically increased the fee that comes with this specific service, from $40 a year to $400. It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway: that shit is fucking ridiculous. I am not at a place in my life where I can maintain my ideals at the cost of my financial stability.

My current contract with Photobucket is set to expire in March, after which the entirety of this site will go dark. I will continue to post new comics with the same passion at my Tumblr site (you'll find that I've already began a new series there.) My comics are still available for purchase at my online store. At some point in 2018 I will have an actual website. This will not affect DEATH BY DIVE BAR: A CHOOSE YOUR OWN FUCK-UP COMIC, which is hosted on a different blogger site. The only major thing that will be lost in this transition will be my ability to assemble major collections of my comics in a single blog post, which from its inception was the entire point of this site.

Before the proverbial chairs are put up and lights are turned out, I invite you to take full advantage of THE MANY MIGHTY WORKS OF MISTER V. There will never be another time when all my books and comic strips are available to be read like this ever again. In particular you might want to soak up my saucier works, as in today's political climate I very much doubt some of those comics will see the light of day again any time soon.

Above anything and everything else, thank you so VERY, VERY MUCH for your continued patronage and support of this site. I am humbled and grateful beyond words for your continued visits. YOU have made the work required to maintain this site a literal joy. I will miss being here very much, as will I miss you visiting me here.

But this is not THE END. I have many, many more comics to make, many more stories to tell, and I will continue to do so. I hope you will continue to join me.



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